Pool Letter Assembly

will you marry me? styrofoam letters by styroscript.com

Be sure to secure letters or words together when placing letters in the pool to form your word or name.

This can be done by using toothpicks.

Toothpick method – put Elmers glue or white school glue on a toothpick. Then push toothpick half way into the side of your 1st letter and the push the next letter onto the toothpick. Let the glue dry completely before placing in the pool.

You will also need to weight the letters so they don’t move around the pool to much. Tie fishing line or white curling ribbon around the letters or toothpicks. On the other end of the fishing line or ribbon, tie a weight (rock, washer, etc.) to the other end and drop into the pool. Be sure to measure the fishing line or ribbon in accordance with the different depths of the pool.