Painting & Glittering Instructions

If you choose to order your shapes/names/words unfinished… when decorating your styrofoam shape you receive from us;  we recommend that you paint and glitter the letters, shapes or number.  However you can decorate Styroscript in many different ways.  Take a look at our website for ideas:

If you decide to paint your styrofoam shape, we ONLY recommend acrylic craft paint or latex house paint

WARNING:  DO NOT USE SPRAY PAINT – Many spray paints will melt the styrofoam.

Our suggestion is to  paint your shape with a spongey paint brush with the small bottles of acrylic paint you can get at any craft store. You may also use latex house paint.

If you’ve decided to glitter your shape, use a heavy white glue like Elmers, Sobo or Aileen’s – coat the front of styrofoam and then pour the glitter over the top of the glue and shake off any excess.

*****  All packing material is the same foam that your shapes and letters were cut from, please use the packing material to test different paints before using them on your letters and shapes.

Also, watch our tutorial videos for help