Floating Pool Letters

What better way to express yourself than to spell it out in your pool.  Styroscript Styrofoam letters float and will be sure to make a statement whether it’s for a Sweet 16, Wedding, Corporate Event or for any party you’re having.  We love personalizing your pool.  Our Pool Letters are 10″ and come in a Varsity style font.  They are easy to put together by using toothpicks and elmer’s glue.  Just push the letter together to make any word or name you like.  You may also like to add some artificial flowers to your letters to match the color theme of your party.  So go ahead, get creative and spell it out…  http://styroscript.com/store/products/block-styrofoam-letters/

will you marry me? styrofoam letters pool letters by styroscript.comfloating pool letters by Styroscript.com