Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

1 – How much does a name cost? Each name is individually priced depending upon size and amount of letters in the name. The process of designing names and shapes from foam is a unique art form. Pricing can be found through our online store http://styroscript.com/store

2- Do you have font to choose from? No. Each name is custom designed by our art team on an individual basis. As you can see from our photo galleries, our names are beautiful and sought after by individuals all over the world.

3 – How much is shipping and handling? We cannot determine shipping and handling until your custom order is boxed and ready to ship. We are located on the east coast so naturally, it is less expensive to ship to the eastern half of the United States. Many times, we are charged an “overage” fee from the shipping carriers due to the fact that our boxes are usually larger than the average square box. Average shipping $18.00 – $40.00 depending upon location, size and weight.

4 – What size should I order? Script names come in 2 sizes. 8″ upper case letter for Candelabras or 2 1/2″ upper case letter for centerpiece design. Take a ruler and determine the size of the upper case letter you feel would be the correct size for your project. Lower case letters are proportioned to the upper case letter.

5 – What is the largest size script lettering I can order? The largest script letter we cut is approx. 8″ tall with an overall length of 22″

6 – What is the largest size block lettering I can order? The largest block letter we offer is 10″ tall.

7 – What is the size of the lettering used for a candelabra? 8″ upper case letter and lower case letters are proportioned accordingly.

8 – Can I decorate myself? Yes, we provide unfinished custom designed foam ready for you to decorate.

9 – Can you paint and glitter for me? Due to the overwhelming response for our products, we only sell them unfinished ready for you to paint and glitter.