Assembly Instructions – Assembly Instructions

Your order has been shipped flat and will require simply assembly.


It’s easy to make all of your shapes stand on the styrofoam base by using small blocks of styrofoam, straight pins, toothpicks, or wooden skewers and white elmer’s glue.

Before gluing, place all of your shapes onto the base and see what looks most aesthetically pleasing to you.  Once you have decided where your shapes will go, put a toothpick or break a wooden skewer into a couple of places on the base and GENTLY push the toothpick or skewer halfway into the base.

Remove the skewer or toothpick from the base and put elmers glue on it and GENTLY re-push into the foam base, leaving 1/2 of the toothpick or skewer exposed.

Then put elmer’s glue on the end of the toothpick or skewer that is sticking out of the base and push your shape on to the skewer or toothpick…

**If you have ordered a custom cut name/word in a frilly font that is extremely thin foam due to the delicacy of the font, it is highly recommended that you use straight pins when attaching the name/word to your foam base.

** If you happen to break a shape, they are easy to repair, just reglue with the elmer’s glue – Don’t worry, it dries clear and you’ll never notice the break.

** If any of the glitter comes off in shipping, take a sharpie or a crayola marker and dab it onto the shape to cover up any misgiving.

It’s that easy!!   Enjoy your centerpieces!  Also, watch our  tutorial videos for assistance:

Be sure to watch our youtube Centerpiece Classes for more assistance :)